Mitsubishi drifting and tunnelling equipment brochure (rock tools)

Mitsubishi Rock Tools for small medium sized drill holes for operations such as drifting with the latest jumbo equipment are available in the latest size, threads and designs.


mitsubishi shank adaptorS

We can supply many kinds of shank adapters applied for several drifters, and its quality is ensured by strict manufacturing control.


Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement for tunnel linings

Dramix® steel fibers meet the high demands of modern tunnel construction. Our fibers have been designed to increase crack control under high pressure and to minimize spalling at the connecting joints.


hardox wear resistant steel plates

If you want to improve payloads, get better fuel efficiency, and maximize product uptime and lifespan, demand Hardox® wear plate in your heavy equipment. 


Fosroc Admixtures

Leaders in concrete admixtures – products to modify and improve the properties of fresh and hardened concrete or mortar.


Fosroc waterproofing

Fosroc delivers a full range of world-class waterproofing systems from basement to roof, including waterproof membranes and waterstops.


Fosroc industrial flooring

With an unrivalled range of market leading flooring products, we deliver complete flooring solutions, from design to installation.


Fosroc Grouts and Anchors

Our wide range of cement and resin-based products to fill voids and resin-anchoring systems help strengthen and protect.



High performance technology for Tunnel concrete, waterproofing and repairs


Parker hannifin industrial products

Competitive manufacturers focus on engineering excellence, productivity, quality, and reducing operating costs. Parkers wide range of products across Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Filternation can help manufactureres reach maximum efficiancy



  1. Admixture

Conplast SP 430 G8 

Conplast SP430 G8 has been specially formulated to give high water reductions upto 25% without loss of workability or to produce high quality concrete of reduced permeability.

Conplast SP 432 BS

To produce pumpable concrete with replacement of cement ( upto 70%) with blast furnace slag and Ordinary Portland cement.

Auramix 200

Special polymer based concrete admixture for wide range of concrete grades.

Auramix 201

Auramix 201 is a high performance super plasticizer suitable for low and high grade concrete and intended for applications where high water reduction and long work-ability retention’s are required

Auramix 300

Auramix 300 is a unique combination of the latest generation superplasticisers , based on a polycarboxylic ether polymer with long lateral chains. This greatly improves cement dispersion. At the start of the mixing process an electrostatic dispersion occurs but the cement particle’s capacity to separate and disperse. This mechanism considerably reduces the water demand in flowable concrete

Auramix 400

Auramix 400 is a unique combination of the latest generation superplasticisers, based on a polycarboxylic ether polymer with long lateral chains.

  1. Integral Admixtures

Conplast WL

To minimise permeability and increase the waterproofing properties of concrete and cement sand mortars for critical applications like roof slabs and screeds, basements, external plastering, bathroom floors, water tanks, sumps, drains etc.

Conplast WP

Conplast WP400 chloride free admixture is supplied as a turbid liquid which instantly disperses in water. Conplast WP400 is an organic liquid which reacts with products of the cement hydration process to produce a hydrophobic material which repels external water, reducing absorption into the concrete.

  1. Precast Admixtures

Auracast 50

Auracast 50 is a high performance precast super plasticiser intended for applications where reduction in cycle time and early strength are required

Auracast 100

Auracast 100 is a high performance precast super plasticiser intended for applications where reduction in cycle time and early strength are required, and it has been developed for use in:

Precast concrete elements like Hollow core slabs Block, Cement Tiles, Kerbstones, Edgings, other items for garden landscape design, Building blocks, bricks etc.

Concrete requiring high early strength without steam curing

Auracast 200

Fosroc Auracast 200 has been specifically developed for the precast concrete industry coupling superior high range water reducing capabilities and excellent dispersion levels with robust performance.

Fosroc Auracast 200 is ideal for use in precast concrete where the desire to maximise the performance of the concrete in the plastic and hardened state is preeminent.

  1. Accelators and Shotcreting

Sprayset HBL

Suppled as an alkali free liquid. Used to enable a high build of sprayed concrete, shotcrete and gunite without slump and provide set acceleration and reduce rebound.

Sprayset HBP

It is supplied as a powder which is added to the mix to impart properties of high build and low rebound. Used to enable a high build of sprayed concrete, shotcrete and gunite. It provides set acceleration and reduces rebound.


Dramix® fibres are filaments of wire, deformed and cut to lengths for the reinforcement of concrete, mortar & other composite materials.

SHAKTI MICRO SILICA – 95 Grade Microsilica

WONDER FAST – Sodiumsilicate based shotcrete accelerator

WONDER TUFF- Loose Steel Fiber

WONDERFUME – 85 Grade Microsilica

  1. Joint Sealent

Thioflex 600

It is ideal for heavily trafficked floor joints, sealing movement joints in building and civil engineering structures, including superstructures, basements and subways.

Nitoseal MS 600

It has a fast rate of cure and forms a tough, highly durable and water resistant elastomer. Conforms to the Water Supply (water quality) Regulations 2000 and 2001 Regulations 31(4b) for products having a small surface area in contact with water for public supply.

Colpor 200

For the horizontal sealing and maintenance of joints in concrete roads, concrete runways and hard standings. The excellent fuel resistance of Colpor 200 makes it particularly suitable for sealing areas where fuel and oil spillage might occur

Hydrocell XL

Hydrocell XL provides excellent support backingto elastomeric sealants and is especially recommended for use in expansion joints in brickwork and in the construction of water retaining and water excluding structures.

     6. Grouts

Fosroc’s cement and epoxy resin grouts consistently outperform industry standards. Whatever structure you’re putting in place, we have the product to give it the ultimate connection and foundation for long term durability. 

Our Conbextra grout range has been leading the market for decades when it comes to dependable precision grouting, due to its exceptional flow, stability and strength. It’s strong enough for heavy duty projects such as the grouting of wind turbine bases, and can provide superior quality grouting for high precision applications, such as the total encapsulation of post tensioned cables.

Conbextra GP2

Conbextra AT

Conbextra HR

Conbextra UW

Conbextra EP 10

Conbextra EP 75

Conbextra EUW


Lokfix resin anchors are industry-leading adhesive systems for the structural fixing of reinforcement and threaded rod. They can tolerate dry, damp and wet conditions and are suitable for fixing into hollow masonry and cracked concrete

Cebex 100

Cebex 100 is an admixture for cementitious grouts where a reduced water/cement ratio and positive expansion is required.  Applications include bed grouting, duct grouting, non-shrink infilling and jointing.  


  1. Waterproofing


Suitable for sealing water tanks,reserviors,toilets and bathrooms,balconies and basements as well as filling blowholes,cracks,imperfections and for providing concrete surfaces with a uniform appearance.

Brushbond RFX

Brushbond RFX is an high performance elastomeric cementitious coating used for waterproofi ng and to protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by acid gases, chloride ions, oxygen & water.

Brushbond TGP

Brushbond TGP is an economical cementitious coating system designed for waterproofing concrete against low positive or negative hydrostatic water pressure in a wide variety of structures such as:Sewage treatment and water treatment plants, Water tanks, Concrete pipes, Manholes

Nitocote CM 210

Nitocote CM210 is a flexible cementitious coating, used for waterproofing water retaining structures and water excluding structures.

Nitocote EP405 is a high build epoxy coating, non-toxic for application to damp surfaces.

Nitoproof 100-200

Nitoproof 100 is a low viscosity blend of selected bitumens in solvent which dries to form a high quality tough bitumen film.

Proofex PGP

Flexible PVC synthetic membrane for the waterproofing of tunnels and below ground structures.

Proofex Engage

Proofex Engage is a pre-applied membrane which mechanically bonds to poured concrete. Proofex Engage provides water, water vapour and gas protection to water excluding structures and protects concrete from aggressive ground salts, chemicals and hydrocarbons
  1. Waterstopper

Supercast PVC

Supercast waterstops are extruded from a high grade PVC compound which has been formulated to give excellent flexibility and longevity characteristics. A range of profiles to suit every need

Supercast SW 10

Supercast SW10 is a 5mm x 20mm swellable waterstop that can be installed and positively linked into conventional Supercast PVC waterstop networks.

Supercast SW 20

Supercast SW20 is a 10mm x 20mm swellable waterstop that can be installed and positively linked into conventional Supercast PVC waterstop networks. This allows the use of Supercast PVC for expansion joints and Supercast SW10 for construction joints, all the time maintaining an integrated network.

Supercast SW

Supercast SW waterstops are high performance products with excellent long term durability through wet/dry cycling and can withstand 1bar water pressure after 1 day cast in concrete.

  1. Adhesive

Nitobond AR

Nitobond AR is a modified acrylic emulsion which is specially designed for use as a bonding aid, curing agent and gauging liquid for cementitious systems. It is resistant to hydrolysis and can therefore be used for external application.

Nitobond SBR

Nitobond SBR is a polymer bonding aid and mortar additive. Supplied as a ready to use white liquid, it is designed to improve the quantities of site-batched cementitious mortars and slurries. Being resistant to hydrolysis, it is ideal for internal and external applications in conjunction with cement.

Nitobond SBR Latex

For modifying and improving bonding of floor toppings, renderings and mortars; repair of worn, damaged and spalled concrete, repair of large cracks; polymer modified floor screeds; waterproof plasters for masonary and slurries.

Nitobond EP

Nitobond EP is based on solvent-free epoxy resins containing pigments and fine fillers.

Nitotile GPX

Nitotile GPX is a high quality adhesive for the permanent fixing of ceramic  and vitrified tiles for both internal & external application of tiles  for wet area, dry area & submerged conditions. 

Nitotile MPA

Nitotile MPA tile adhesive is a high quality adhesive used for the permanent fixing of tiles over smooth surfaces such as existing tiles, ceramic tiles or glass, subjected to damp and tropical conditions and for specialised applications such as tile on tile and tile-on-glass etc.

  1. Grinding Aid

General Brochure

Fosroc provides total solutions to the cement industry, manufacturing and supplying liquid and powder additives to enhance quality, improve grinding efficiency, and reduce cement production costs. Our dispensing systems have been successfully installed around the world in more than 500 plants.

  1. Flooring

Nitoflor Hardtop Standard

Nitoflor Hardtop Standard is quality controlled, factory blended powder which are ready to use on site. They contain special hardwearing aggregates which have been selected for abrasion and wear resistant properties as well as shape and size. These latter considerations, together with the use of high performance workability admixtures, produces a material which is easy to trowel into the surface of fresh, wet concrete. Nitofl or Hardtop Standard cure monolithically to provide a dense, non-porous surface which is extremely hardwearing and abrasion resistant. Monolithic cure ensures that problems normally associated with thin ‘granolithic’ screeds, viz., shrinkage, cracking, etc., are completely overcome.

Nitoflor TF 5000

Nitofl or TF5000 provides an extremely high strength floor topping with exceptional resistance to the surface mechanical wear and attack from chemical spillage, is impervious and, at the same time, has a safe non-slip finish for personnel and vehicular traffic.

Nitoflor FC 140

Nitoflor FC140 is a solvent based epoxy floor coating. It provides a hard wearing, easily cleaned, attractive floor coating in industrial areas where high resistance to chemical attack is required.

Suitable for use in production assembly areas, workshops, dairies, soft drinks production and bottling plants, breweries, kitchens, showrooms, etc. Particularly suitable in wet working areas and where chemical spillage is likely, e.g. plating shops, processing plants, dye works, etc.

Nitoflor SL 500

Nitoflor SL500 is a solvent free system based on epoxy resins and curing agents. It is supplied as a two-component system, pre-weighed for on-site mixing. When laid, it provides a smooth, light-reflective surface. It is available in a range of standard colours.


  1. Repairing and retrofitting


Renderoc FC is designed for application to minor imperfections in concrete and masonry surfaces. It is suitable for application in the range of feather edge to 3 mm

Renderoc Plug 

Renderoc Plug is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent, rapid setting mortar which is easy to apply in many difficult conditions.

Renderoc HS XTRA

Renderoc HSXtra is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders, which requires only the addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent repair mortar suitable for structural concrete and masonry repairs. Renderoc HSXtra may be hand applied or sprayed with suitable equipment, please see application method statement for details.

Renderoc UW

Renderoc UW is supplied as a ready to use dry powder requiring only the addition of water to produce a free flowing, non shrink, repair material which exhibits exceptional resistance to ‘washing out’ of the cement phase when placed in stationary or moving water.

Renderoc RG

Renderoc RG is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a free-fl owing non-shrink repair micro concrete. The material is based on Portland cements, graded aggregates and fillers, and additives which impart controlled expansion characteristics in the plastic state, while minimising water demand. The low water requirement ensures high early strength and long-term durability.

Nitomotar S

Nitomortar S is a high strength epoxy mortar, based on a high quality solvent-free epoxy resin system. The special silica aggregates provide high strength and excellent abrasion resistance.

Nitomortar 30

For permanent repairs to  concrete structure and cementitious substrates where strength, impermeability to water and resistance to aggressive chemicals is essential.  Ideally suited for maintaining engineering, chemical handling and processing plants.

Nitowrap EP (GF/CF)

Nitowrap EP(CF) is a carbon fibre composite system for strengthening columns, beams and slabs of load bearing structures particularly where improvement to shear strength and deformation characteristics is required.  It is ideal for seismic retrofitting also.  Typical applications include piers, columns, beams, slabs, retaining walls, masonry bridges, pipes,  chimneys, tunnels and other  structures.